The Complete Guide To Leather Shoes Care

The Complete Guide To Leather Shoes Care

If you’ve got a great collection of leather shoes, it’s time to start taking proper care of them. Almost every person likes having a good collection of shoes that can be used on different occasions. Whether you wear leather shoes on the go or only on occasions, it’s agreed that leather shoes add a unique style and contribute to one's charm. To keep your quality shoes in the best possible condition, follow our guide:


The first step to keeping any footwear in top condition is cleaning. For leather shoes the cleaning process is precise. Begin by removing all shoelaces and rub the shoes with a damp cloth so that they are absolutely free of dust and dirt. You can either take the form of a leather shampoo/soap or a gall soap that lathers and wash it well under running water. Then the shoes have to be left to dry first with wrinkled newspaper and then the shoe trees in them until they are completely dry. This is only for shoes that are really dusty. Alternatively, a good option is to use a leather cleaner where the shoes don't have to be rinsed in water add the liquid to a cotton cloth and rub gently over the whole shoe.


Polishing is an essential step and has two parts. Part one is the shoe cream. While applying the cream, begin with the gap between the sole and the upper, and use a small application brush (a toothbrush can do if you don't have anything else), an important area, not least because the moisture will reach the shoe this way. Grab the cotton cloth and wrap it around one or two fingers, apply a small quantity of shoe cream step by step over the entire shoe in small circular movements. More cream is added to the cloth for each new area. When the whole shoe has a very thin layer of cream on it, allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes, then clean it with a large brush to smooth the cream layer, clean the extra cream and cure it slightly.


Part two is wax polish. A cotton cloth is definitely recommended, tie it around your fingers and put on a very small amount of polish. Dip a finger into the water and put it on the shoe then polish with short, rapid circular motions. Here it works well by applying very light pressure, and it allows the heat produced by the speed of the motions to do the job. The moisture lets it move very quickly without rubbing, but the water splashes should not be created on the fabric, and then the cloth has become too damp. If this occurs, move to a dry piece of cloth and keep going. When you're finished with polish go through the shoe with a brush with a very fast movement.


There you go. Now your shoes are clean, conditioned, polished and ready to be shown off. Also, try out the different leather shoes from Stylex. What's good is that once you've laid a solid foundation, it's easy to reinvigorate the nice shine, and you don't have to make the same effort any time you want to get a spit shine.

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